sadly-dog-eyes-hd-1080p-wallpapers-downloadWe will have a consultation on every visit and tailor our expert dog grooming services to meet your dogs individual needs and requirements, to find the best style for your dog and your lifestyle.

Costs vary depending on the breed and size of your dog, together with the condition of their coat and frequency of grooming.


Our standard full groom treatment includes;

  • Full consultation prior to leaving your pet with us
  • Full health check
  • Brush through, de-matting and removal of dead undercoat (breed dependent)
  • Sanitary areas clipped, paws and pads trimmed
  • Hydrobath with top quality WildWash shampoos tailored to suit your dog’s coat requirement
  • Blow-dry
  • Scissor or clipper styling to suit breed or your requirements
  • Ears plucked and trimmed as necessary
  • Nails trimmed as necessary


An ideal mini groom to keep their coat in good condition between full grooms.

  • Full consultation prior to leaving your pet with us
  • Full health check
  • Sanitary areas clipped
  • Hydrobath with top quality Earthbath shampoos tailored to suit your dog’s coat requirement
  • Blow-dry


Hand stripping is available for dogs with appropriate coats.


Recommended for puppies as soon as they have had their vaccinations, introducing them to the benefits of grooming.  A gentle brush through, followed by a body wash using our fabulous WildWash shampoos.  A warm blow dry encourages your pup to relax in the grooming environment ready for future appointments. Puppies under the age of 4 months will qualify for one complimentary Puppy Wash And Dry.


Many breeds are prone to matting and require daily brushing as a preventative measure. Our standard grooming services include a small amount of de-matting, if your pet will tolerate the experience.

However, please bear in mind that an all over clip-off may be advised for severely matted dogs.  We operate under the codes of practice of The Animal Welfare Act (www.gov.uk/animal-welfare#legislation) and lengthy de-matting sessions can prove painful and stressful for your pet.

We will always seek your consent before clipping off your pet and explain how to avoid this in future.


If your dog has fleas or ticks, we recommend a spot-on treatment. We do not accept dogs with fleas to avoid the risk of other pets being infected. If, however your dog is found to have fleas, we will use a treatment shampoo.  An extra £10.00 will be charged for the treatment and to cover the cost of having to sterlise all bedding and tools. Please ensure your pet is regularly treated for fleas.



If you need to be away for the whole day, why not book your pet in for a groom and let us take care of them for the day.  Drop them to us in the morning together with any food they will need to be fed and they can spend the morning playing or snoozing and be groomed in the afternoon ready for collection at the end of the day.  This would be an additional £10 to any grooming charge and dependent upon your dog’s temperament.