Jazz’s First Visit

Cheeky Jazz needs a haircut

Cheeky Jazz needs a haircut


Jazz is a mini Schnauzer and almost 5 months old.




A little bundle of fluff

A little bundle of fluff

A Schnauzer coat would normally be hand stripped or clipped  and have long split eyebrows and a beard.  However Jazz’s mum and dad don’t want her to look like the breed standard.





Now that’s better!


So Jazz has had a lovely bath and blow dry and her coat trimmed to tidy her up.  Her nails have been tipped and now she’s off to her next adventure.


Jasper and a spot of hand stripping


Jasper – before


Jasper is a well known local character and an interesting

mix of Border Terrier and Whippet.





This is half way through and you can see how his

lovely coat is revealed now the dead hair is being removed.




Ta-dah; what a smart boy now all that dead hair is out,

although I think he’d be happy to be left a little unkempt.

Ella’s Stay

Ella before with Finn

Ella before with Finn


Ella is a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and a regular visitor to our house.  She loves to run around in the puddles and mud with Finn …



Ella after groom

Ella after groom

Her Mum and Dad like her coat kept short so we did make sure she was properly groomed before she went home!


Misty’s Makeover

IMG_0772IMG_0788Misty is a lady of maturing years, with the associated health problems that can be a part of that.  She is no longer comfortable standing for any length of time to have her furnishings brushed so her lovely owner agreed that we should take all her long hair off.  She seemed much happier after her makeover.


Lola’s visit


Lola before


Lola After

Lola lives in Grantham and was ready for a tidy up before her visit to the vet next week.  I’m sure all will go well and she’ll be back to her playful self in no time.  Hopefully she’ll be back to see me in about 8 weeks time.

Little Louis’ full groom

IMG_0749Lovely Louis is a Bolognese, which as you can see is a small toy breed of dog of the Bichon type, originating from Italy.  Their show coat is left long in loose, open ringlets.  However Louis’ owners like to keep him short as it is easier to maintain.